Assortment Plan

Considering fashion-specific factors like seasonality, local demographic, product attributes, discounting, etc. Iris M, an end-to-end algorithmic platform, helps merchandisers optimize inventory positioning and maximize sales at all online and offline POS channels. It helps:

  • Identify top sellers and NOOS
  • Perform computations to the granularity of 7 attributes for ideal decision making
  • Accurately predict the true size ratios
  • Analyze and discard highly discounted sales that distort true demand

Buy Plan

To maintain size continuity at stores, IRIS takes inputs from the smart assortment plan, assesses business constraints of planogram and revenue targets, and provide buyers with a month-wise buy plan that includes:

  • Depth of buy basis rate of sales at the store-attribute group level by analyzing past sales, revenue, discounts, size-cuts, stock-outs, and exposure. 
  • Size set ratios to buy based on true demand at size-level for all store & attribute group combinations. 

Regional Utilisation

A novel solution to intelligently split inventory across multiple warehouses, in proportion to the regional demand, for efficient e-commerce fulfillment.

  • Achieve higher regional utilization for better visibility and higher conversion on Marketplaces
  • Attain higher brand ranking on marketplaces
  • Earn significant savings on logistics costs
  • Manage faster deliveries
  • Lower Rate of returns


Expose the right inventory, at the right location, at the right time. Ease merchandiser’s frequent distribution activities in a data-driven manner, using the latest sales trends to:

  • Maintain freshness through new season allocation 
  • Optimize existing stock through replenishment and replacement at all POS
  • Improve inventory health to reduce the loss of sales due to unavailability
  • Identify non-moving dead styles

Business Intelligence

Easily implement IRIS outputs which are illustrated via interactive and impactful reports that are categorized by roles and departments.

  • Business overview for executives
  • Category performance reports for merchandisers (Sell-through-rate, Sales, DoH, Top/Dead sellers, Planogram Adherence)
  • Target v/s Achievement, month-on-month store performance reports for operations
  • Design dashboards for buyers

Return analysis

A unique feature for B2B and B2C brands to track what got returned, in how much quantity, when and why did it return?

  • Being more conscientious of consumer behavior can help mitigate the risk of both returns and chargebacks. 
  • Brands can use these reports to create detection and prevention strategies that can positively impact their bottom line. 
  • The design team can extract insights on what not to produce