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What is the hype around Regional Utilization?

Optimal warehousing, with regional utilization, allows storage of the right inventory closest to its demand for maximizing sales, reducing fulfillment time & logistics costs, and delivering premium customer service.

Logistics costs form a significant component of e-commerce operations.  They can be controlled with an intelligent solution that can optimally distribute inventory based on regional buying intent, across a network of managed warehouses, and bring great value to brands by driving profitability. This is the benefit of regional utilization. 

Read our e-book on ‘What is the hype around Regional Utilization? The Gateway to enormous logistics costs savings and faster deliveries”, which shares insights on:

  • How distributed warehousing helps in building supply chain resilience and cost-effectiveness? 
  • How to intelligently split inventory across a network of warehouses?
  • How technology can help you build intelligence to achieve higher regional utilization?

…and much more.

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