Managing Inventory Challenges for upcoming Holiday Season Sales to avoid Stockouts & Maximize Revenue

“It’s about reacting to what happened in the previous season versus trying to catch up with what’s happening in-season.” Prevent running at 90 miles per hr during in-season sales. Work far out and build the best plans keeping in mind scenarios of what could go wrong. Create an effective in-season plug & play strategy by considering critical merchandising factors, and build a promotional cadence to ensure your pre-season planning is effectively executed during in-season sales.

Active inventory planning starts with hindsight from the supply chain perspective 9 to12 months prior to the holiday season. Merchandisers need to build close-knit cross-functional teams; Buying, Planning, and Allocation, to ensure all key pre-season observations are tied together to effectively plan for the upcoming holiday season sales. As the plan keeps improving as brands get closer to the season, in-season reality usually requires instant action. Learn about:

  • Effective in-season Plug & Play strategy keeping all parameters and style attributes in check, and knowing your inventory well enough to take immediate action on what needs to be pushed out.   
  • Building promotional cadence for the holiday season by understanding what needs to sell off and what can be carried to the next season
  • Strategies to handle quicker deliveries by automating decision making. Do not overload your stores, build a seamless operations experience by effectively re-distributing your inventory. 
  • Maintaining freshness index of stores with Inter-store transfers.

…and much more!

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