Easy multi-channel deployment

One of the leading powerhouses of fashion brands in India, wanted a solution to streamline warehouse operations, optimize pick paths and generate key insights on inventory hygiene. They wanted easy deployment and rapid integration along with flexibility in terms of meeting unique business requirements. With Increff Assure, they were able to scare e-commerce revenue 4-5x.

Live inventory-order sync

One of the world’s leading sportswear brands integrated Assure for real-time inventory order sync to ensure no order cancellations due to stockouts or blocking of inventory for one channel.

Faster deployment, efficient operations

One of the UK’s top 3PL players needed a robust solution to manage its biggest home & garden living client. Their existing legacy systems were not fit for faster e-commerce operations and required multiple scans at every step. This made the entire operation highly inefficient, leading to inventory inaccuracy and poor order tracking.