Sense Demand Fast. Respond to Demand Fast. We ensure guaranteed improvements in Revenues and Inventory efficiency through our end to end solution for a “demand driven” supply chain.

Increff IRIS

With proliferation of channels, categories and products, it is extremely difficult for brands and retailers to identify and respond to demand at a micro-level. Our “Tech-led” Merchandising and Pricing solution can “sense demand” at a granular level and provide the most optimal recommendations per demand – leading to significant increase in sales.

Merchandising Insights

Frame Merchandise strategy through deep understanding of acquisition, repeat, customer journeys etc

Rich attribute based Assortment planning

Enhance sell through and shape customer lifecycle through our sophisticated algorithms for rich attribute based Assortment planning

Open to Buy

Ensure availability of right quantity and quality of merchandise by incorporating demand into the “OTB process”

Pricing & Promotions

Maximize “Realization” of Inventory and maintain “Catalog and Customer Offering” at healthy levels through demand based pricing

Inventory Distribution

Maximize conversions, full price sell through and realizations by right allocation and re-allocation of inventory across channels and stores

Business intelligence

Be on top of business through tailored dashboards which can be sliced and diced for insights at different levels

Increff ASSURE

ASSURE focuses on improving sales and margins by increasing inventory efficiency.

Web based SAAS (State of Art: WMS / OMS / IMS / Channel integration)

  • Multi-channel (Online, Offline, B2B, B2C) inventory, order and return management - deep integration with major eCommerce channels
  • Digitally aggregated inventory across all channels - expose full width and depth, improve sales and minimize stock outs & cut sizes
  • Digital inventory buying / blocking - eliminating need of physical movement
  • Automated Financial Reconciliation - order and item level reconciliation with all major ecommerce channels
  • Accurate and Faster Fulfillment:
    1. High Fulfillment and inventory accuracy (better than RFID)
    2. Penless, paperless, keyboardless operations (can operate complete warehouse on smart phones)
    3. Idiot proof technology