Life @ Increff

Chai Pe Charcha (Weekly Town Hall with Founders)

Increff holds weekly discussions to keep everyone updated on the company's achivements, policies and overall direction.

Complex Problem Solving (Algorithms, Design & Architecture)

We want to build world's best software products. We discuss requirements from every angle - algorithm, performance, edge-cases, security, maintainability etc. to arrive at optimal solutions.

Having Loads of Fun

Needless to say - its important to enjoy what you do, and also have fun while doing it.

Night Outs for Customer Success

A startup in many ways is an extension of college life. Sometimes you need to deliver solutions ASAP to customers, sometimes things break. We work hard to ensure customer success!

Training on Latest Technologies, Design & Architecture

There is ample opportunity to learn latest tech-stacks, build things from scratch and play with various technologies (Cloud, CI/CD etc.). Expert mentors ensure that there is enough guidance to help everyone succeed!

Offsite Visits to Fulfilment Centers

Everyone is encouranged to visit one of our Fulfilment Centers. FCs are places from where inventory is sent to stores and also for e-commerce orders. This way, people are not only learning technology but also getting real life, hands on experience.

Our Core Values

  • Be Tech Driven & Innovative
  • Employee First
  • Be Happy
  • Unblock Others
  • Finish with Finesse
  • Do More from Less
  • Be Fair in all Your Dealings