Increff Iris - Intelligent Merchandising

  • Increase Number of Inventory Turns
  • Get Higher Topline with Higher Bottomline
  • Reduce Working Capital

Why Iris?

Demand Driven Insights

We keep demand at the center of everything. We are able to discover - What features are important to customers? At what price range? At which locations?

One Stop Merchandising Solution

Product Grouping (PG), Ideal Merchandising Grid (IMG), Open-To-Buy (OTB), Distribution and Pricing - all at your fingertips

Powerful Data Analytics

We've built algorithms using deep domain expertise, working with large customers and tested over millions of dollars of merchandise


How Iris Solves It?

Only 2-3 Turns a Year
Zara has 12 inventory Turns per year compared to 2-3 for competitors. Inventory Turns is a direct function of Rate of Sale (RoS). Most brands and retailers have such low number of turns because of poor demand sensing and demand fulfillment.
Get More Number of Turns
Imagine you being able to use the same working capital for 4-5 turns per year! How do you achieve it? We enable you to understand the products your customers truly want and at what price point. We help you efficiently fulfill this real demand. This leads to higher RoS and hence more Inventory Turns.

Bad Options, Broken Sizes
Imagine a customer walking into your store, and not finding the products they want. Even worse, they found the product, but didn't find the right size! Finally, it the product may be overly priced or too cheap to buy!
Get Better Demand Sensing
Our algorithms not only figure out what are the right products for the right stores, but also what are the important sizes for that store. Thus it helps in improving customer experience, thereby leading to higher sales.

Out of Stock ?
Projections are only as good as they are executed. Many Brands and Retailers do understand their customer well, but they are not able to meet the demand due to multiple issues. For e.g. poor Inventory Procurement, wrong Inventory Distribution to stores (online or offline) or incorrect Pricing/Promotions. More often than not, this is due to excel-sheet based data processing which is neither intelligent nor automated.
Get Better Demand Fulfillment
We provide and end-to-end solution from Demand Sensing to Demand Fulfillment. While the Product Grouping and IMG modules help in demand sensing, the OTB, Distribution and Pricing modules help you meet that demand in a controlled and predictable manner. Our algorithms bring order to the execution chaos.