Increff Innovations

At Increff, we aspire to create the world's best products. Creating really awesome software applications is in the heart of our engineering team. We continuously keep innovating and keep improving our design and architecture to stay ahead of the curve.

IMDB (In-Memory Database)

Increff IMDB is an in-memory database, which help in querying over Java objects. This helps in performing lightning fast analytics over medium sized datasets ( < 10 GB). This is used by IRIS.

Printing Application

PrintApp is a web-based document printing application using which different document types (e.g PDFs, Images, Barcodes and Gift Labels) can be printed from other web based applications. This is used by ASSURE.

Fiscal Application

Fiscal application is a flexible rule based tax computation system. It helps in enforcing GST rules and compute GST taxes accurately. It also helps in creating invoices with GST data. This is used by ASSURE.

UPB (Unique Piece Barcoding)

UPB helps in creating unique barcodes for each piece of inventory. For e.g. if an SKU has 200 pieces, then every piece gets its own unique barcode. UPB helps in extremely accurate tracking of inventory and near 100% order fulfillment. This is used by ASSURE.

CIMS (Channel Integration Management System)

Different online channels (like Flipkart, Myntra, Limeroad, PayTM, Tata Cliq, Snapdeal, Amazon etc.) provide different APIs for inventory exposure and order fulfillment. Increff CIMS provides a common interface for any application to integrate with all these channels, thereby hiding the complexity of integration.

API Gateway

This Increff innovation helps re-using commonly used functionalities (Like GST, UPB, CIMS etc.) using SOA (Service Oriented Archictecture) in a secure and scalable manner.


WebGet is a production monitoring application, so that engineers can get access to production logs, production system peformance quickly. Used by both ASSURE and IRIS.


We value our incredible team. Achieve is an in-house application developed for an automated, timely, fair and a 360-degree performance review and appraisal.

Fingerprint Application

(Beta) FPA application enables finger print based authentication and authentication of workers at fulfilment centers. This makes the system highly secure and removes the need of managing access credentials.

Extract Transform Load

Increff ETL is a custom application to enable continous accumulation of sales and inventory data for our customers from various data sources (For e.g. E-Commerce Seller Panels, ERP Systems, FTP locations etc.). This is used by IRIS for its advanced analytics.

Algorithm Execution Engine

AXE is used a general purpose tool for data ingestion and running algorithms. Data is ingested by consuming CSVs from REST end-points. Algorithms can be provided in form of a Java library, or Python, R or even SQL scripts.